Virtually every man has uttered the phrase, 'I just don't understand women.' But this latest fashion trend takes my utter astonishment to a new level: The breast milk pendant.

'Now you can preserve your own breast milk inside a locket', one ad says. 'Your breast milk pendant makes a beautiful keepsake that you can pass on to your children', says another.

No surprise that this is a fad that started in California. But because of the internet and internet sales, 'breast milk' jewelry is catching on across the U.S. Prices vary from around $50 (for 'empty' pendants that the mother fills) to $250 and more (mom sends her breast milk to the jeweler who returns the completed piece). Fashion experts say 'breast milk' jewelry makes great gifts for baby showers, weddings or any occasion. So remember, guys, Mother's Day will be here before you know it ... even though you may not understand.

Breast Milk Baby
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