The Susquehanna Animal Shelter in Cooperstown needs thousands of dollars for repairs after warm weather caused their facility to flood.

Last week after a few unusually warm winter days, the staff came into work to find their facility completely flooded. The animals were standing in a few inches of water but none were seriously harmed. In the span of just one night, the majority of blankets, beds, toys and other supplies were destroyed.

Another expensive problem they face is rebuilding the bank of the creek. Monetary donations are especially important for this aspect of the repairs. They also need cleaning supplies, bedding and food supplies for both cats and dogs. The executive director, Stacy Hayness explained that they don't buy the food they use, it all comes from donations. We spoke with Stacy about the flooding and more on the operations of the Susquehanna Animal Shelter:

Donations are accepted at the front desk or on their website.

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