Local state lawmakers have issued the following statements regarding Governor Cuomo's 2022 budget proposal.

State Senator Peter Oberacker:

“As a small business owner, I am used to reviewing budget spreadsheets.  Unfortunately today’s presentation from the governor failed to include many of the details needed to truly assess his spending proposal.  Blaming Washington for our woes and threatening lawsuits is not the best path forward. 

“Help for small businesses, aid for our schools, and a real tax relief plan for our upstate homeowners are key to helping our state recover.  I will be reviewing the governor’s plan with an eye toward these and other key items that will restart our local economies.

“Tax credits for businesses and plans to improve broadband access are among the positives I did hear, but the specifics are what count.  Infrastructure improvements are also sorely needed and upstate New York needs to receive a fair share of funding to improve our roads and bridges.

“I look forward to taking part in the upcoming budget hearings to fully review the governor’s proposal and help develop a final plan that meets the needs of those I represent and establishes a strong foundation for our future.”

Assemblyman Brian Miller:

“The governor’s budget address gave no clarity on our state’s financial outlook. There was no financial plan, no direction to move our state forward. We have two terrible scenarios ahead, which we anticipated. New York needs to be prepared for the worst-case scenario, and that means tough choices will need to be made. Now is not the time to be focusing on blame, however. As we move forward with a spending plan, we need to spend the state’s resources slowly, moving us closer to recovery from the pandemic. Our priorities need to ensure we can meet the challenges we face as best as possible in this terrible financial situation. As we continue negotiating a final budget, we cannot allow costs to be passed down to our local governments or, ultimately, to tax-payers.”

Assemblyman John Salka:

The governor’s budget address today lacked the substance needed to speak to the state’s $15 billion deficit. Much of what we heard was the governor bashing Washington, while refusing to take any blame. New Yorkers are anxious to see how we will climb out of this massive budget deficit, as tax hikes and layoffs are something, which directly affects them. New York has faced budget deficits long before COVID-19 due to the unrealistic and costly policies the governor has implemented over the last 10 years. Cutting funding for education and local governments is not the answer; we need to address the unnecessary progressive policies that have dragged us into debt such as incredibly high tax rates that have led to a large exodus out of the state, corporate welfare for Hollywood movie producers and a suffocating business climate that eliminates good-paying jobs.


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