Charlotte, NC (WIBX) - Oneida County Legislator Franklin Davis is one of several local officials attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Davis who represents Utica's 25th District says the city is experiencing some hardships and his number one goal is to network, and bring back some good ideas to help improve the area. "And really bounce things off of people and see, 'well, what are you guys doing to overcome this,' and I think that as long as we can come back from this event and have a newer focus, a clear idea on some things to try to accomplish, I think that we've done at least something decent for our community that we serve," he said.

Utica Councilman Jerome McKinnsey, Sr., (5th-Ward) says it's an honor to serve as a delegate at the event. He says he doesn't foresee any "antics" similar to what happened at the Republican National Convention involving movie icon, Clint Eastwood. "I don't believe they're going to go for any antics or anything like that. I don't believe they have to pull in individuals that might shoot from the hip like that, I don't think we have to scramble to find talented individuals to communicate what our interests are and direction that we're going so, I really don't predict any egg on our face from any of our representatives and associates that step to the podium," he said.

The 3-day gathering to nominate the 2012 presidential ticket kicks-off this afternoon at 5:00, and concludes on Thursday, following President Obama's acceptance speech for a second term. Other local officials taking part in the event include, Sonia Martinez, president of Mohawk Valley Latino Association and representatives from Mohawk Valley Community College.