Friday, August 15th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- We start off the show talking about the two big news stories including the 2 Amish girls who were abducted and an Amber Alert was released. They did make their way home and were found.

- We also discuss the fiasco in Ferguson, Missouri. We talk about the fact that the name of the police officer needs to be revealed.


- Starbucks is advancing their scheduling system to make things more accommodating for employees and more consistent.

- There is a story that has gone viral where someone kicked a cat like a football and the cat lived, but the person was charged with animal cruelty. The video of the cat getting kicked was posted to YouTube.

- New Hartford police are looking for a girl suspected of shoplifting in Macy's and she looks like a gymnast.

- We're not entirely sure that we'd be able to recognize anyone on those security camera photos.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Chuck Todd will be taking over for David Gregory on NBC's 'Meet the Press.' Bill is excited because he believes that Chuck will be like Tim Russert.

- Ray from the Weather Channel gives us the forecast for the rest of the day and the weekend.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

- Let's Be Cops - Two guys have fun impersonating cops, until they get involved with a real investigation.

- The Giver - Another dystopian teen angst-filled future with a young boy who learns the truth about society.

- The Expendables 3 - Mel Gibson is a crazy arms dealer and Stallone's Expendables need to bring him down.

Before you go to the movies this weekend, check out his website:


- Ralph calls in and thank God, because he always makes us laugh!

- He calls in to say that he believes Michelle Obama could stand to lose a few pounds. He believes that she weighs 160 lbs. and if kids want to take the nutrition campaign seriously she should shed some.

Jean O'Toole - The NY Beef Council

- She brought us in some Hot Beef Sundaes which are delicious!

- You can find out more at


- We talk about Nano Utica and the arguments against it.

- We talk also about the top joke of the season for "Last Comic Standing" and that was not the one Bill was thinking about, but the top joke was funny.


- Bill wants your theory on why Nano Utica isn't real. We want to investigate your claims.

- Bill finally found the joke about gun control. The comedians name is Joe Machi and he tends to go down some dangerous roads

- We list a few more arguments as to why Nano isn't real.

Mark Weinstein -

- Before we go to Mark, Bill reads off a few more concerns with Nano and why it's not really happening.

- Kenneth brings up the point that just because buildings are built doesn't mean they can keep them full.

- If this does happen and it turns into the big boom that they say it will, we have to prevent those jobs from going to China.

- Frank calls in quick to comment.

- Now to Mark:

- We talk with Mark about his social media website They are playing off the idea about scruples and good values.

- They are a privacy focused social media site and we talk to Mark about Internet privacy and tracking cookies.

- Facebook and other big social media sites track your Google searches and content to then send you advertisements based on what you search.

Congressman Richard Hanna

- We speak with the congressman about NUAIR and all the testing going on at Griffiss.

- He talks about how real the UAV (Drone) testing is and it's 100% approved now. Also, at Rome Labs we're doing stuff that they're not doing anywhere else.

- Rome had a VIP visitor to the base to oversea what's going on at Griffiss.

- Being negative isn't helpful. We have to be optimistic about what's going on in the area especially with the stuff in Rome, the NANO stuff, and beyond.


- Check out Plate Night right now on our website! It's CC's Pub at the Crystal Chandelier.

- After 24 years as host of our Sunday morning Polish Show Polonaise, Julian Noga is retiring. We have found a replacement and there will be a transition period. For more on this story:

- William calls in.

- Gene Allen was on to talk about a project he's involved with to cover up graffiti in the area.


- Sonia Martinez from the Mohawk Valley Latino Association and Dietra Harvey from the NAACP and the MVLA. They are having the Latino Festival this weekend at Hanna Park. Admission is free and the food will be great and the entertainment will be as well.

- We speak with Dietra about the Ferguson, Missouri case. She is pleased with the new approach and that things are calm.

- Check out our EVENTS PAGE for all the upcoming events this weekend including Motorfest at Vernon Downs tomorrow!

- Enjoy your weekend!

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