Within the next few weeks a law will go into effect that will prevent tattoo parlors from reusing needles. It will also require 'single-use' pigment (ink) packs. Bethanne Callahan-Plato is the owner of Bodily Charm in Utica. She agrees that there needs to be stricter regulations when it comes to tattooing, but she feels the legislation that has passed now has it all wrong.

Bethanne says that the new law is "too little, too late." Reputable parlors have been using single-use needles for the past 20-30 years. She does not have a problem with them requiring that, however she feels the single-use pigment packs would not be cost-effective for private tattoo artists. Callahan-Plato says about the law, "The wording says that we have to use a single-use, sterile, pre-filled, package of ink." She went on to say that the better quality pigment manufacturers don't currently make their ink this way and that ultimately is a disservice to their clients.

Her goal is not to prevent regulations for the tattoo industry, but she hopes to educate legislators on ways to improve the health and safety of those wanting tattoos. She even went as far as to say there should be more regulations. There are too many people doing rogue tattooing at their homes or in garages. There are currently no laws, regulations, or health codes to protect the safety of prospective tattoo recipients. Her goal is to get her message to Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi and Senator Joe Griffo so that businesses like hers can continue to provide the best possible services to their clients and to keep them safe.

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