I have a few relatives and friends who live out in the country and have trail cams set up in their backyard or in areas where they love to hunt. I've thought about setting one up at camp so I can see how my camper is faring over the winter months when I'm not there, but the lack of electricity during the off-season kind of puts that idea to rest.

Having a trail cam set up can show off some interesting things in the wild. It's cool to see wildlife pass by in their natural settings without the fear of humans around.

I kind of have the same interesting views with the remote camera next to the front door of my house. With it, I can see some of the weird things human beings do as they pass by my house. And believe me, there are some sketchy things happening, especially at night near my residence.

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Anyway, last week, I asked on Facebook, for people to send me pictures of whatever interesting things they have captured on their trail cams, and I got back some cool pictures. I would expect to see deer, and there are a few, but some captured bear and other wildlife passing by.

Thanks to everyone who shared their trail cam pictures. Take a look below at some interesting trail cam shots.

Cool Trail Cam Photos

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