This is one for the books.

Police in Copperas Cove, Texas recently arrested a man for the horrifying, unforgiving and heartless crime of...not returning a library book.

The town recently passed an ordinance giving the okay to cuff people who’ve failed to return materials to the library because it cost so much money to replace them.

Jory Enck (whose ironically-titled booking photo is above) learned firsthand that the town means business when he was hauled downtown for holding onto a GED study guide he borrowed back in 2010. The only thing being read on this particular day? His rights.

Aside from a supreme case of embarrassment, those cited are typically released on a $200 bond, so it’s not as if John Law is throwing the book at these bandits.

And it’s not like authorities are hunting down perpetrators the way we hunted down bin Laden. Police will make an arrest if they happen upon someone during a traffic stop or any other call.

Still, it’s gotta be pretty humiliating to explain you’ve been arrested for failing to return a library book. Why, you could even argue it's got to be the lamest law on the books.

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