There is more news about one of the men charged in Herkimer with having inappropriate contact with farm animals.

Reid Fontaine has now resigned from his job as an IT network specialist for the Farmington School District in the Hartford County town of Farmington, Connecticut.

Fontaine was arrested, and subsequently released on a promise to appear, along with Mike Jones.  Jones was allegedly videotaping the activities being performed by Fontaine.  Both were caught on tape by the owner of the cows, a farmer who became suspicious when he felt that the cows were acting differently.  He set up a camera to see what was causing the cows to be agitated and called New York State Police after he saw the video.

Officials with the district say he was responsible only for maintaining the district's technology infrastructure, and had no contact with students.

School Superintendent Kathleen Greider has told several media outlets that a both law enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation performed a background check on Fontaine.  Prior to this incident, however, Fontaine had no criminal history.

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