Some guys get it. They remember where they came from. They understand the struggles that come with being a minor-league baseball player. The long bus rides and dingy clubhouses are something that Major League players like to put in their past and forget. Well, one New York Mets player remembered those struggles and tried to make the grind a little nicer.
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Friend of The Drive with Charlie and Dan, Pat Ragazzo of, reported that New York Mets’ All Star pitcher Max Scherzer treated his minor league teammates to a gourmet spread and more! Scherzer took “covering the spread” to a new level on Wednesday prior to his final during rehab assignment with Double A Binghamton. According to FOX Sports, the three-time Cy Young Award winner spent about $7,000 on bone-in ribeye steaks, filet mignon and lobster for his Rumble Ponies buddies.

And if that wasn’t enough, the 8-time All Star showed his teammates his appreciation by purchasing a pair of Apple’s luxurious AirPods for each member of the team. After his final start for the Rumble Ponies, Scherzer commented on the post-game feast. “They’re eating well tonight.” That may be the understatement of the year, in relation to Double A baseball post-game spreads.

Max Scherzer, 37, has historically been known as a tough competitor. He is currently making a historic $43 million per year with the Mets. However, he has always been known as a great teammate and a positive clubhouse guy. No surprise that he has made it a habit to be more than generous with his minor-league teammates. Well done Max!

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