Vincent, IA (WIBX) - McDonald's and Target say they're looking for a different egg supplier after a hidden camera turned up unsanitary conditions and animal cruelty at Sparboe Farms, an egg supplier for the two companies.

The animal rights group "Mercy For Animals" smuggled a video camera into one of the farm's factories, the video shows Sparboe employees allegedly treating chickens cruelly. It also shows insects, rodents and cages with dead birds.

A statement from Sparboe says the incident is an aberration and the company has fired all those involved. Sparboe Farms President, Beth Sparboe Schnell said "Acts depicted in the footage are totally unacceptable and completely at odds with our values as egg farmers", to see more of her statement, click the video link below. Also posted below, the youtube video released by "Mercy for Animals", viewer discretion advised.