National Grid has announced they believe energy bills for Upstate New York customers are going to be lower this winter heating season.

The savings forecast comes in the form of lower electric and natural gas bills. National Grid says the lower rates are due to lower wholesale supply prices. The saving should be evident in the billing periods between November 1st, 2018 and March 31st, 2019.

According to a release on the National Grid website, natural gas savings could be up to 6% lower from last year. The release states,

The company forecasts total residential natural gas bills from Nov.1 through March 31 to be approximately $507, or about $31 (5.8 percent) less than the typical upstate winter, based on an average use of 713 therms.

The same release states that electric bill savings could be up to 9% lower than last year. National Grid says,

Compared to last winter, National Grid is forecasting total monthly residential electricity bills to be approximately $6 to $8 lower (6.9 to 8.8 percent) this winter heating season, depending on geographic region, based on average monthly use of 600 kilowatt-hours.

Even though prices are forecast lower than usual National Grid New York President John Bruckner says, "Even with a forecast of lower bills, we remind customers to use energy wisely and take advantage of our various energy efficiency programs."

There are a number of other money-saving options available through National Grid. For a full list you can visit National Grid is also reminding customers that these are only forecasts. As you know, these are projected or estimated savings and a longer, colder winter could impact usage.

For more information and other money and energy savings visit the National Grid website.

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