National Grid says it has restored power to about eighty percent in the Northeast after the latest winter storm.

Snow accumulations of six inches to two feet have added to the piles already on the ground in some places.  Snow and ice clinging to trees and power lines caused power outages for hundreds of thousands in the northeastern United States.  It is estimated that, over the past three days, as many as 300,000 people lost power at one point or another in New York, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Since electricity can affect so many other services, the utility company reminds residents to keep bottled drinking water on hand.  It is early in the season and more power outages could occur this winter.

Those who are on life support services that depend on electricity are urged to call National Grid to register as a life support customer if they have not done so already.  The number to call is: (800) 642.4272.

Those still without power are asked to seek shelter at local facilities set up specifically to provide a place to stay in the wake of storms from the past few weeks.  To report an outage call the company at: (800) 867.5222.

You can call local emergency services to find a shelter near you.


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