New York State (WIBX) - National Grid is paying customers to get rid of their old refrigerators and freezers as part of its annual recycling program.

Those looking to remove their old appliances will be paid $30 by the energy supplier and have them removed free of charge. Customers will receive a check between four and six weeks after pick up.

But, Patrick Stella, a National Grid representative, says most customers will earn more than just the recycling check.

"In addition to the $30 that we give them for picking up the fridge, we estimate by getting rid of an inefficient refrigerator, you can save about $150 per year, just in the energy costs alone that you aren't using," Stella said.

To qualify for the recycling campaign, a refrigerator must still be working and have an inside measurement of more than 10 cubic feet.

According to National Grid, older refrigerators and freezers use up to four times more electricity than current models being sold. In 2001, a federal standard was set, requiring all new freezers and fridges to be much more efficient.

The recycling program is slated to remain in effect until the end of the year.

For more information, click here or call 1-877-691-0021.