Finally, there's a dog park in the making along Marginal Road in Herkimer across from the little league baseball park and it'll be called the Rodger J Skinner Memorial Dog Park.

Project Organizer Ed View has raised most of the $12,000 needed to build the park by asking local businesses and individuals for donations. They still need about $5000 to finish up and open the gates.

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View tells WKTV that Herkimer County doesn’t have a park for dogs to go off-leash, and it’s something every community should have.

"Dogs and little kids are the most popular things in the world. People love dogs, and they love little kids, and I do too. What is dog spelled backward? It spells God. Ever loving. Ever forgiving. Whether you’re gone 5 minutes or 5 days you get the same greeting. There’s nothing like a dog." [Ed View via WKTV]

When we googled dog park in the greater Utica area, three locations popped up; F. T. Proctor Park and Seymour Park both located in Utica, NY and Sherrillbrook Dog Run in New Hartford.

The Sherrillbrook Dog Run is a member's-only park, and those interested in joining should call 315-724-0654. Nick leaves this review:

This members only dog park is a fine place to bring your dog, large or small. They have poop bags and a water hose, a few shady spots, picnic tables and three separate runs, granted two of them can get rather muddy, they're usually fine. Plenty of space to run, toss, play etc. There is a mix of dogs there and several owners are regulars. Unfortunately it's really the only place in the area to bring your dog, so take it or leave it.

Why is it such a problem and so dang hard to open a dog park in Central New York? View says he has been trying to open a dog park for 11 years. He told WKTV he had 3 locations picked out, and it was nothing but an uphill battle.

"I had a spot in Little Falls, and there was too many people around there that didn’t like it, and I tried twice in the Village of Ilion. I got resistance, you know, and I’ve tried 3 different places, and always something came up or there was a roadblock." [WKTV]

West Winfield had a difficult time getting people in their community to support a FREE dog park. They entered a contest in 2015 that would award a cash prize ranging from $25,000.00 to $100,000.00 to build a dog park.

Cindy McMullen/TSM
Cindy McMullen/TSM

Here we are with another call to action for dog lovers because every dog needs their day and a safe place to play. Go here to make a financial donation to the Rodger J Skinner Memorial Dog Park.

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