New Hartford Central School Superintendent Robert Nole announced on Wednesday they have extended remote learning through February break because of the effects of COVID-19.

Nole cited health officials including Dr. Kent Hall of MVHS along with the CDC which suggests a large holiday surge of cases is still yet to come. Nole also said that quarantine and positive cases numbers within the school district have doubled since Tuesday.

In a letter sent to parents, teachers and the community, Nole said that all schools will be fully remote through February 12th, which includes all classes including special education programs. He also added that extra-curricular activities and all athletics have also been cancelled until further notice.

Nole referenced local officials, including County Executive Anthony Picente who has been a proponent of getting students back into the classroom, who now recommends schools remain remote until after February break. On WIBX's Keeler Show on Wednesday, Dr. Hall told WIBX that while numbers of new cases seem to have dipped to a recent average of 155 new cases per day, active cases are at an all-time high of 7,175 cases. Hall said waiting until after February break to return to a hybrid model was his recommendation.

New Hartford students will continue to follow their current remote learning schedule.

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