The City of Binghamton is expanding ways people can pay for on-street parking.  Five new multi-space parking kiosks are being tried out on Hawley, Henry, State and Washington Streets.

Motorists can choose to pay by cash or credit at the kiosks.

The devices cost $44,650 each and are the same model used by several municipalities and Binghamton University.

If the first five kiosks work out during the four to six week trial period, the City could order 45 more for the downtown district.

Officials say the kiosks print out a receipt to be displayed on the dash that informs the motorists of the exact time the meter will run out while it communicates to the City’s financial back-office through celluar technology.

In the future, the City says the solar operated devices may even take payment through a driver’s smart phone and allow violation tickets to be paid at the kiosk.


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