The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a phone scam involving the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Rob Maciol says they’ve been made aware of several calls of people using the names of Sheriff’s Office members regarding possible payment of fines and collection of money in lieu of arrest, claiming the victim owes money for the offenses.

Maciol says the Scammers often speak quickly and use an authoritative tone to put pressure on the citizen so he or she will agree to send money.

The scammers demand immediate payment via mobile bank transfer, gift cards or pre-paid debit cards.

Maciol says the Sheriff’s Office will never demand payment or request personal financial information over the phone.

“While this common scam may seem obvious to some, the community would be appalled to know how many vulnerable citizens have been taken advantage of right here in Oneida County. We owe it to our parents, friends, and neighbors to look out for one another,.”said Maciol.

He says if a citizen receives a call from a suspected phone scammer regarding an alleged arrest warrant or demand for payment of civic fines, they should remember to be S.C.A.M. smart:

* Stop and take a breath. Scammers will put you on the spot and make you feel rushed

* Collect your thoughts. If the call seems suspicious, it probably is

* Act swiftly, disengage the caller and hang up the phone

* Make a report with local law enforcement

If you’ve been the victim of a recent scam, you’re asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at (315) 736-0141 to make a report.​

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