It's the age-old question: Cats or Dogs? And while this debate can get heated at times, New Yorkers have a definitive favorite.

So, which pet do people from the Empire State overwhelmingly choose?

Two words: woof woof.

Laula Co via Unsplash
Laula Co via Unsplash

Congratulations to those firmly on Team Dog. Canines have taken a decisive lead in popularity.

NY is for dog lovers

With Saturday being International Dog Day, conducted a nationwide survey to find out which pet is superior. Obviously, we know how New York voted.

Nearly half of all respondents from the Empire State were on Team Dog while Team Cat earned just 36 percent of the vote.

Only 18 percent of respondents were on my team: Team Both. Cue the adorable girl from that popular taco commercial.

I love my cat and dog equally -- and am hopelessly optimistic my grumpy, geriatric feline, Phoebe, will learn to enjoy Harvey's company one day.

Courtesy of Megan
Courtesy of Megan

He just wants to be her friend! He's basically asking her here, "Why don't you like me?"

Also, since I know this is the internet and people love to blow things out of proportion, please know my dog likes cat - so Phoebe isn't in any danger. Harvey's actually offended that little gray spitfire isn't charmed by his good looks and sparking personality.

Okay, back to the story.

This survey also told me there are truly some terrible people that live in New York, but not too many. Only two percent of people said they hate both cats and dogs, which is two percent too many.

As for the awesome people, as in those who own pets, the responses get pretty interesting.

Pet ownership by the numbers

While New Yorkers overwhelmingly love dogs, the state is shockingly home to more cat owners. About a quarter of the state's pet owners have felines - compared to the 18 percent with canines.


A majority of these people also flaunt their furry friends on social media, with 65 percent admitting their animals make frequent cameos on their feeds. New York cat owners are actually more guilty of showing off their pet, with 41 percent of them admitting to the deed versus the 31 percent of dog owners.

As for Team Both, just 28 percent of us post nonstop about our pets. As we should because the world needs to know just how special our precious babies are.

Additionally, there are some people who aren't as fortunate as us pet owners. Out of everyone polled, 45 percent of New Yorkers say they embrace pet-free living - and that makes me feel very sad for them.

Pet ownership is skyrocketing in the country

Despite a decent chunk of New Yorkers saying they don't have pets, probably because of the stupid high number of apartments don't allow furry friends, a whopping 71 percent of Americans own cats or dogs.

Dogs are the more popular pet in 30 states while only 13 states say they're on Team Cat.

Grand Opening Of The Wallis Annenberg PetSpace
Photo Credit - Michael Kovac / Michael Kovac

There's only seven states that are members of Team Both.

In summary, the dog vs cat debate draws to a close with dogs being the clear frontrunner, securing an impressive 60% of states in their favor across the US. Furthermore, dog owners show a greater inclination to post their pooches on their profiles. So, now you know why there’s an adorable assortment of doggy photos as you scroll through your social media feed!

What team are you on? More importantly, how will my fellow dog owners celebrate their goodest boy or girl on International Dog Day on Saturday?

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