Even after the multi-billion dollar investment announcement that came to Utica and Central New York in 2015, New York has been declared one of the worst states to make a living in today.

While thousands of new jobs are slated to come to the Central New York region in the coming years with the development of the Nanotechnology center, MoneyRates financial analysts have declared that New York state is the 11th worst state in which to make a living today.

It comes as no surprise after Forbes ranked Utica as the 3rd worst city in the country for business development and careers. MoneyRates analysts evaluated each state based on Average wages, State tax rates, average cost of living, the state unemployment rate and incidents of workplace illness, injuries and fatalities.

The results of the study revealed that while New Yorkers receive above average pay on the whole but the average cost of living, state taxes and unemployment rates offset the benefit for New York making New York the 11th worst state to make a living in today, just barely missing the top ten worst on MoneyRates' and Forbes' lists.

New York lands with an average household income of $55,630 nearly $3,200 in state taxes and an unemployment rate of 5.7.

The top ten best states to make a living in today consist of many states that made the list in the previous year.

  1. Texas
  2. Washington
  3. Wyoming
  4. Virginia
  5. Illinois
  6. Michigan
  7. Colorado
  8. Delaware
  9. Ohio
  10. Utah

Most of the states were in positions on the list the previous year and due in large part to low unemployment rates and low or nonexistent state taxes. While the analysts are panning Utica and New York on the last years' numbers they do not take into account all of the positive changes coming to the region.




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