Police say a New York state man, who struck an officer as they were speeding out of a Stewart’s Shops, was found days later on the run.

Seems this suspect, who was out on parole, might want to pick a better place to hide next time. Offcials say the suspect is now facing a number of charges, including unlawfully fleeing a police officer and resisting arrest.

New York State Man Found in Ceiling 

WKTV is reporting that the 43-year-old suspect allegedly struck an officer with his vehicle  as he sped out of a Stewart's in Norwich the night of February 20. Police say the Bainbridge man's image was shared by authorities all over social media, which eventually helped lead them to him in Oneonta.

WKTV says the suspect was later found hiding in the ceiling of a building after an extensive two-hour search.


Police say he's being held at the Chenango County Correctional Facility on the separate parole warrant.

Police Find Burglar Hiding in Ceiling of Hudson Valley Pizzeria

This may remind you a bit of a case that happened in the Hudson Valley back in 2016. Warwick Police had been tipped off about a possible break-in at Frank's Pizza on Main Street. When they arrived on the scene to investigate, they discovered that the pizzeria's basement door had been forced open.

The search for a suspect eventually lead authorities into the bathroom, where at least one officer noticed something rather odd. When the officer poked his head through the whole in the ceiling, he came face to face with the alleged pizza bandit.

The Times Herald says that the 20 year-old suspect out of Vernon, New Jersey was arrested without incident and charged with third-degree burglary.

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