If you prefer to watch Thursday night football on broadcast television or cable TV, you'd better enjoy the next two years. Beginning in the 2023 season, Thursday night games will no longer be broadcast on cable or broadcast TV.

In a new deal between the NFL and TV providers on Thursday, Amazon walked onto the field and bought the rights to carry all Thursday night games to air almost exclusively on the subscription service Amazon Prime. Currently, there is no broadcast or cable network on board for Thursday night, according to MSN.

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The new deal, estimated at $110 billion according to the Sports Business Journal, will once again add ABC into the rotation to carry the Super Bowl. ABC and ESPN will maintain the rights to Monday Night Football and NBC will keep Sunday Night Football. The games will also be streamed on on Peacock and ESPN+. ABC will also get exclusive right to certain regular season games. ABC has not carried the Super Bowl since 2006. CBS and FOX will also keep their Sunday afternoon games.

The new deal will run for 11-years from 2023 through 2033.

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