The group #NoHospital Downtown hosted a day-long event at the Radisson Hotel in Utica on Monday called "Battle For Our City."

Two internationally acclaimed urban planners discussed city and neighborhood development at two public sessions.

Joseph Minicozzi, who is originally from Rome, is the President of Urban 3 in Ashville, North Carolina.

Minicozzi says he's not sure what the answer is when it comes to putting a hospital in Downtown Utica, but it comes down to finances.  He says can the city afford this, what's it going to cost the community in local contributions and what effect the project will have on the tax base are all questions that need to be answered.

The Landmark Society of Greater Utica also held a "Walks and Talks" event in the Columbia-Lafayette Street area.

Events were co-sponsored by the group Better Utica Downtown

Jim Rondenelli, WIBX
Jim Rondenelli, WIBX


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