With the rapid increase in cases and the Thanksgiving holiday coming up next week, Notre Dame Schools are making a preventative adjustment.

According to Executive Principal Chief Roy Kane, Notre Dame will be taking the precautionary step of moving to remote learning from Monday, November 30th to Wednesday, December 2nd.

Normal school operations will resume on Thursday, December 3rd. Kane says this decision was made to provide an opportunity for school leaders to assess the potential negative impact COVID-19 could have on the safety of the students, faculty and staff following the Turkey Day holiday.

In preparation for the shift, Notre Dame officials are encouraging the school community to make sure they have the proper technology, materials and tools to adjust to the remote learning model. Chief Kane wants to ensure the transition is a smooth one.

If the Notre Dame community has any questions or concerns they are asked to address them at the earliest opportunity possible with the administration and staff.

As much as Notre Dame would like to continue the 5 day per week in school model they’ve had so much success with so far this year, the personal safety of members of the Notre Dame family will always be the top priority.

Any changes or additional guidance will be issued in a separate message to parents and school community members. To reach the Notre Dame High School office you can call 315-724-5118. To reach the Elementary School building you can call 315-732-4374.

Notre Dame was one of the first schools to announce in the Summer that they would have in-person learning full-time and have had reasonably good success when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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