Residents in New York State were warned about a scam on Tuesday where imposters asked for credit card information and requested monetary donations while pretending to be part of a union that supports the police.  Don't fall for it!
On Tuesday, members of the New York State Police explained to residents in Upstate New York that they "received several calls from residents in the Wayne County area, saying they have been contacted by individuals claiming to be affiliated with a union supporting the New York State Police."

What are these imposters asking for?


According to the State Police, "these individuals are asking for donations and credit card numbers over the phone."  They want your cash!
"State Police remind residents of New York State, that the Division of State Police or any union affiliated with the New York State Police does NOT call and ask for donations EVER!!!!" - NYSP Facebook 
While the warning was appreciated, most of the comments on the State Police Facebook page were from people who have dealt with these scammers for a while.
Ella Dutton Giangrasso wrote:
"They have been calling me for years… I tell them my brother is a State Trooper, then they hang up. Thank you for alerting the public."
Laurie Edgar wrote:
"I get this call every year. Every year I say no and hang up."

It's easy to see how some people might be fooled!

The fakes are pretending (among other things) to be members of the State Police PBA, an organization established in 2011 that represents approximately 1,200 members of the New York State Agency Police Services Units, including the UA Police, the NYS Environmental Conservation Police, the NYS Park Police, and the NYS Forest Rangers.

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