Rochester, NY (WIBX) - As contractors and weekend warriors begin making outdoor home improvements this summer, one energy provider is asking home owners to dig up some important information first.

Following several recent incidents involving damaged natural gas lines, NYSEG is reminding everyone to call "Dig Safely New York" before starting any construction.

Mark Lynch, president of NYSEG, said some people tend to underestimate the depth and placement of lines, and unintentionally damage the system.

"Something as seemingly harmless as a pick, a tent stake or a small excavator can cause serious damage to underground facilities," Lynch said. "These facilities may be anywhere, and they are not always buried as deeply as one might think."

Problems stemming from damaged lines include interruptions of energy services and increased danger risks.

Currently, contractors are required to call "Dig Safely New York" before digging, but regular customers are encouraged to dial 811, as well.

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