The season finale of Better Call Saul ran on AMC this past Monday night. The popular Breaking Bad spin-off/prequel to wrapped up an exciting second season and left viewers ready for season three. Don't worry -- we won't give any spoilers about the episode, but we might spoil your commercial breaks a bit.

Better Call Saul is set before Breaking Bad and is going through the story of how Jimmy McGill transformed into the greasy, criminal-attorney that became a main character on Breaking Bad. During Monday's finale, a real-life attorney from Oklahoma City decided to take advantage of the situation in a very Saul Goodman-type way.

Tracy Zahl ran the 30-second spot above which directly parodies the original Better Call Saul commercials seen in the show, complete with a constitutional background, quick talking and a patriotic eagle scream at the end. She even created a website much like the one from the show, but with her own credentials.

It's too early to know if this new image will be beneficial for Zahl, but one thing is for sure. She definitely found a clever way to get her name out and get the people talking. If you are involved in a car. truck, or motorcycle accident and are experiencing an uncertain time, you better call Zahl.

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