Just like you are, I am counting down the days until retirement. Realistically in today's economy, the likelihood of that happening sooner rather than later is depressing, but I am optimistic for my time when I can sit back and drink a cup of coffee in the morning without any pressing work responsibilities.

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In fact, apparently there's a spot right here in Central New York that is a pretty great place to retire, and is one where you can do so in an affordable fashion. So great, it has made it into a recent list compiled by Realtor.com.

There are some alluring places where younger baby boomers and older Gen Xers can still retire comfortably—with reasonable home prices, lots of folks over 55, and plenty of amenities and fun things to do. The data team at Realtor.com rounded up the best places for retirees to enjoy their golden years—without draining their savings.

Syracuse, New York ranked in at Number 7 on the list, with the median house price listed at $179,000.

The Central New York city does have some pretty alluring qualities: a college town with some really great food, night life, and according to the list, they recently launched the fastest 5G cellphone network in the entire world.

Syracuse was one of many Rust Belt cities to see jobs and people move away, leaving large swaths of vacant properties behind. While the population is still declining, recent downtown revitalization projects have made the inexpensive upstate New York city a far more attractive place to live.

So it seems Syracuse is that one place people may be heading to, to get the "best bang for their buck."

Here's the full list and ranking:


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