Utica, NY (WIBX) - The Oneida County Health Department is embracing technology with the goal of cutting down the time it takes to inspect homes for lead.

"We're working very hard. Our County Executive has challenged us to try to use technology more in all of our work and in all of our divisions. We're looking at all of the programs and how we can really work smarter."

That was Quality Improvement Coordinator, Cathe Bullwinkle. She says eight iPads have been purchased for the Lead Poisoning Prevention field staff.

She says by using the tablets outfitted with integrated cameras and specialized software, it will cut down on the time it takes to inspect each home.

"They can upload to iCloud from the field," Bullwinkle said. "As a supervisor, I can look at it in real time, make any adjustments that need to be made and then it can immediately go into a customized report."

She says the additional work being done out in the field will eventually save county taxpayers money, whether through long-term health care costs  or social services.

At a cost of nearly $1,500 per unit, the new iPads are funded by the State Health Department's Lead Primary Prevention grant.

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