For the first time in a week, Oneida County health officials are reporting a double-digit increase in the number of new, lab-confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Tuesday's update from the county included twelve new cases confirmed by lab results. This after the county reported six or fewer cases each of the last six days.

Good news - there were no deaths COVID-19 related deaths to report. The most recent came last Tuesday and was the 117th death of an Oneida County resident from coronavirus since the pandemic began in March.

Also good news - the number of county residents hospitalized for treatment of the virus remains in the single-digits. It is currently seven, with five at MVHS facilities, one at Rome Memorial Hospital and one outside of Oneida County, officials report.

Health officials say there are currently 74 active, known cases in Oneida County. That's up a bit from the active total reported Monday (65) but is less than half the number of active cases that existed in the county for much of summer.

The Oneida County Health Department reported no new potential COVID-19 public exposures on Tuesday.


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