Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol says despite what is happening in neighboring counties, he will abide by the County Executive's Emergency Order to ticket hotel and motel owners who attempt to house migrants from New York City.

Last week, Oneida County Executive Tony Picente issued an executive order banning the housing of the overflow of migrants from the Southern Border, by way of the Big Apple.

Maciol said that he and County Executive Picente work very closely together and are both on the same page.

"Oneida County is a very welcoming county. It has proven to be welcoming," said Maciol. "We (he and Picente) are on the same page here, there are no questions. We are a welcoming community as long as people are following the process," he said. "There's a process here and I don't believe it's be followed as we see what's happening in other communities."

In Onondaga County, County Executive Ryan McMahon has issued an Emergency Executive Order rejecting hotel and motel owners from accepting the migrants from New York City, after the Town Supervisor in Salina said he was informed that a bus-load of migrants were expected sometime this week. Onondaga Sheriff Tobias Shelley said earlier this week that he won't enforce McMahon's emergency order there because he doesn't believe it's legal. Meanwhile, Onondaga County has petitioned the courts to place a pause on any plans to bus migrants into any municipality in the county. Onondaga filed suit on Monday night and they're awaiting a court decision.

In a possible related story, Sheriff Maciol said a case over the past weekend involving a homeless person who had allegedly beaten another man with a beer bottle might be related to the current migrant scenario, but in a different way. Maciol said the man who was arrested and charged with Attempted Murder and the victim, were homeless because they were receiving temporary housing because of a possible working agreement with a local business. Maciol said neither of the men spoke English. He said a federal agency is assisting and he expects to be able to update the public sometime soon.

Listen to the interview with Maciol below.

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