Local health officials added 47 new cases and no deaths in the latest reports out Thursday from in Oneida and Herkimer counties.

In Oneida County, there were 38 new positive cases. The county's 3-day average for new cases slid down a hair to 43 (from 44). The death toll is unchanged at 407.

Active cases continued to tick upward, now at 482, up by about 50 from two weeks ago. Some good news, though, as hospitalizations among county residents is currently at 15, the fewest it has been in four and a half months.

Herkimer County health officials reported nine new cases in Thursday's report. The county's 3-day average for new cases was up by one, now at an average of seven.

Hospitalizations and active cases in the county were virtually unchanged. Compared to the previous day's total, active cases went from 63 to 62, while hospitalizations slid from six to five.

Herkimer County's death toll from COVID-19 so far is 99.


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