How much money are you planning on spending this Christmas?

The holidays are fast approaching and a new study claims New Yorkers are going to cough up the most money on buying presents.

How Much Money We Talking?

Financial Publisher, The Lazy Trader, analyzed shopping trends of all 50 states since 2019 to determine which states cough up the most around Christmas. They used average monthly search data that revolved around terms like "Christmas gifts for [insert noun here]" and looked into the hits that were clicked on most.

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After seeing what items New Yorkers want to put in their shopping baskets, the Empire State was ruled among the states that are going to overspend the most around the holidays.

By the Numbers

There are only two other states that will be spending more than us this year, with first place going to New Jersey. Residents of the small state have looked up gift-related terms on an average of 1,688 times per 100,000 people.

Sadly, it looks like these people are willing to spend money but have no idea where to spend it - truly a terrible situation indeed. The most commonly looked up ute was "Christmas Gift Ideas," with a total of 3,764 monthly hits.

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Second place went to Massachusetts, with 1,633 average monthly searches for gift-related ideas per 100,000 people since 2019. Behind gift ideas, the state was most interested in looking up Christmas stockings, as the search term was hit a total of 2,647 times per month.

US Postal Service Ramps Up Mail Processing For Holiday Rush
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And now we come to New York and its shopaholic netizens.

In the last four Decembers, there were 1,591 average monthly searches for gift-related terms per 100,000 people. The Empire State’s second most popular term is ‘Christmas gift’, with 7,275 average monthly searches behind ‘Christmas gift ideas’ and ahead of ‘Christmas stockings’. 

Rounding out the top 5 on this roundup was Connecticut and Virginia. Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Georgia respectively completed the top 10.

What Does This All Mean?

Aside from the obvious: people don't want to physically go shopping anymore and would rather do it online - it shows people are really not that creative when coming up with the perfect gift.

So they'd rather Google tell them what to get - and that will obviously go over quite well on Christmas morning.

Lonely Christmas

The Lazy Trader's Robert Colville noted in a statement:

On average, Americans expect to spend $1,000 during the festive season, with 71% accounting for gift purchases, proving that Christmas is indeed the season for giving. This research highlights the states expected to spend the most during the festive season; New Jersey takes the crown with the highest average monthly search volume over the last four years in December.

Additionally, it is interesting to discover that the top five states most likely to overspend online are situated on the East Coast. This suggests that these states, which are known to experience quintessentially “white winter” weather, are more eager to spend money shopping online, possibly to avoid the snow and frost


That said, how much do you plan on spending this Christmas? Me, I recently had to take my cat to the vet and am out $400. So my family is getting words of affirmation from me and maybe, if I like them enough, an unopened bag of Utica Coffee that was stashed in the back of my pantry. #selfless

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