State Attorney General Letitia James is issuing an alert to parents in New York to protect children from deceptive cannabis products sold in snack packaging.

James says the packages are designed to look like standard snack foods and candy, but actually contain high levels of cannabis and THC.

NYS Attorney General's Office
NYS Attorney General's Office

She says the products, which are illegal and unregulated in New York, can be extremely dangerous to human health.

The AG’s office is urging parents throughout the state to remain alert against the online sales of the dangerous and misleading products.

“These unregulated and deceptive cannabis products will only confuse and harm New Yorkers, which is why they have no place in our state,” said James. “It is essential that we limit their access to protect our communities and, more specifically, our children. In light of an increase in accidental overdoses among children nationwide, it is more vital than ever that we do everything we can to curb this crisis and prevent any further harm, or even worse, death. My office is committed to preventing the sale of these products and protecting the wellbeing of all New Yorkers. I urge everyone to remain vigilant against these products and to report these harmful items to my office immediately.”

The misleading products contain a high concentration of THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. If ingested by children, THC can lead to an accidental overdose

New Yorkers who are aware of or have encountered these type of products are encouraged to contact the OAG by submitting a complaint form online or by calling (800) 771-7755.

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