State Police and other law enforcement agencies issued 444 tickets during last week’s "Operation Hardhat."

It’s an initiative to crack down on speeding and traffic violations in work zones.

The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office partnered with the State DOT to stage a detail at a work zone near Kirkland, issuing 17 tickets.

The 444 tickets issued during Operation Hardhat last week included the following violations:

•   Speeding - 81

•   Seatbelts - 41

•   Cell Phone - 135

•   Failure to Move Over - 47 

•    Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device - 1

•    Other violations - 139

"Operation Hardhat" details were held in almost every region of New York State in support of National Work Zone Awareness Week, which took place from April 26 to April 30.

The New York State Police conducted the majority of the "Operation Hardhat" details across the state.

The enforcement and educational efforts come as New York state continues to see a rising number of work zone intrusions, including three recent crashes that injured six highway workers last week.

"Our highway workers do vitally important work in often hazardous conditions so that we can all get where we need to go safely and with minimal delays," Governor Cuomo said. "Just last week, six highway workers in state work zones were sent to the hospital as a result of work zone crashes. I applaud all those who took part in Operation Hardhat and urge motorists to slow down and drive safely in work zones. New York State has zero tolerance for drivers who endanger our dedicated workforce."

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