Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri is announcing two legislative proposals to promote public safety.

One proposal would implement a major item of police reform and the other combats gun violence.

The mayor has formally submitted legislation to the Common Council for the establishment of a Citizen Public Safety Board.

Palmieri is also proposing using American Rescue Plan Funding to increase the UPD’s complement by five officers to specifically address gun violence.

Any increase or change of compliment would need to be approved by the council.

Last year, the mayor convened an Advisory Committee to explore ways in which the UPD could continue to better serve residents.

That included the establishment of a Crisis Intervention Team, implementation of bias training, installation of cameras in specific public areas and a plan to recruit more minority youth to careers in public safety.

Nine of 14 police reform measures have already been implemented.

“A lot of people talk about police reform and gun violence, but not nearly as many take action. Last year, the Advisory Committee did an outstanding job and put forward comprehensive reforms to improve the relationship between law enforcement and the community. The legislative items being proposed are steps in the right direction, and as an Administration, our goal is to ensure all of the Committee’s recommended reforms are implemented as quickly, and effectively as possible,” said Palmieri.

The remaining reform items will be included in Palmieri's upcoming budget proposal next month.

It's the city goal that all of the Committee's recommendations be completed by the end of the budget process in March.

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