Move over Tinseltown. Hollywood isn't the only place the stars are working and living anymore. More and more celebrities are not only calling Upstate New York home, but many are opening up businesses too.

There are plenty of celebrity-owned restaurants in New York City. Heck, Robert DeNiro has three. There's even a map to show you where they are all at. However, the rich and famous are moving farther north. Tom Cruise, Derek Jeter, Shania Twain, Kelsey Grammer, and even Squeaky Fromme, a member of the Manson family are rumored to have second homes in Upstate.

Rub elbows with the stars and enjoy everything from sweet treats and soft skin to a romantic vacation destination at 9 businesses owned and operated by the stars. There's even a place you can play ping pong. And you won't believe who owns it.

Rub Elbows With the Stars at 8 Celebrity Owned Businesses in New York

A number of celebrities call Upstate New York home. A small few not only own homes but businesses too. You may even run into them when you stop by for a sweet treat, overnight stay or soft skin.

What Famous People Allegedly Own Homes In Upstate New York?

What famous people allegedly own homes in Upstate New York?

Celebrities Buried in New York

Celebrities have been calling New York home for years. And some never leave. Cemeteries all over the state are filled with famous headstones. From Presidents and sports figures to the stars of the big screen, the Empire state is home to a number of well-known people who have passed away.

Here are 35 famous people whose final resting place is in New York.

35 Famous People Buried in New York State

Cemeteries in New York have a number of famous people buried there. Here are 35, from Presidents and sports stars to Hollywood icons.

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