Talk Radio legend Rush Limbaugh has an 'advanced' stage lung cancer, he announced in the closing minutes of his daily program on Monday afternoon.

Sounding upbeat and confident, 'El Rushbo' took several minutes to explain to his audience that he received the diagnosis late last month and intends to remain hosting the show as long as his treament allows, but noted that he will periodically be absent from the radio on days that he may be receiving treament or recovering from it.

Limbaugh, 69, referring to himself by one of his many nicknames - The Mayor of Realville - said, ''It is what it is,'' and said he has been a very lucky man who is counting his blessings.

''My intent is to be here everyday I can.''

In the immediate future, Rush said he'd be gone for the next two days, at least, in hopes of returning to his 'Golden EIB' microphone on Thursday. To this point, Rush said he'd experienced 'zero' symptoms, other shortness of breath, which is what prompted him to see a doctor.

Rush Limbaugh hosts a nationally syndicated conservative talk show with an estimated audience upwards of 15 million. His show airs LIVE weekedays on WIBX 950 from noon to 3:00 p.m.


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