After representing the 6th Ward in the City of Utica from 2011-2019, Samantha Colosimo-Testa decided to honor the residents of the City of Utica's original wishes and limit her time in city government to two four-year terms. Now, after a brief break she's back and this time she's running for a city-wide race.

Colosimo-Testa took to her Facebook page Tuesday to announce that she would be running At-Large for Common Council in the City of Utica. Colosimo-Testa is currently a school teacher in the Utica School District, the wife of a Utica Fireman and mother of two children in Utica Schools.

Colosimo-Testa says,

The city is more than just downtown development and although a thriving downtown area is important, the areas around it is what builds a community and our community needs some help with providing some TLC. We have a lot to offer and we need to come up with ways to bring people to our city year round, by utilizing the possibilities of tourism and showing what the community has to offer.

Colosimo-Testa also listed a number of goals she has for when she returns to city government including keeping people updated on WHAT happened in the city on a weekly basis, keeping the pressure on absentee landlords and owners to take better care of their property and focusing on youth volunteer programs, to name a few.

Colosimo-Testa also laid out a list of her accomplishments during her time in office. "During my tenure on the council, I was able to accomplish a lot by helping shape the City and the community with the support of it’s residents. From developing a paving program, instituting a complete streets policy and thinking of ways to help the community by initiating a flood mitigation task force," says Colosimo-Testa.

Samantha reiterated that constituent service is what has always drove her and always will. Colosimo-Testa ended her Facebook post by saying a formal campaign announcement will be scheduled in the near future.

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