The case of at least one more defendant in the Word of Life Church beating death case in Chadwicks, New York will go to a grand jury.

Sarah Ferguson will remain at the Oneida County Jail on $50,000 bail following testimony by the surviving victim, Christopher Leonard.

Christopher took the stand today during a felony hearing in New Hartford Town Court. He testified that Sarah, and his mother and father, where among those who hit him.

He said he was not sure how long the hitting went on for, but says there came a time where he and Lucas were separated

During his testimony, Christopher answered with his head down looking at the floor. Only when he was asked to ID his sister did he look up.

A State Police investigator who interviewed and photographed Christopher Leonard also took the stand.  He described the bruises and cuts on Christopher's back.

His brother, Lucas Leonard, died after a physical "counseling session" at the church, allegedly at the hands of his mother and father, Bruce Leonard and Deborah Leonard, and his sister, Sarah Ferguson in addition to three others.

Joseph Irwin, who's also charged with assault, was in court today as well. The judge adjourned his hearing until December 15th.

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