Senator Charles Schumer was at the Utica Police Department on Wednesday to launch a push to secure funding from the Department of Justice that would allow the City to purchase a high-tech "Shot Spotter."

Schumer says the technology is used to improve police response time to gun violence by providing law enforcement with real-time alerts when it detects sounds of gunshots.

"Shot Spotter" would help blanket nearly 17 square miles of the City with audio sensors to detect gun shots and send real time alerts to police.

“The cutting-edge technology in the new ‘ShotSpotter’ program helps our police solve crimes and save lives, and that’s why I will do all I can to help the Utica PD secure this grant. Utica Police are working overtime to track down ‘shots fired’ calls and that means the federal government should be, too, by stepping up to help Utica crack down on this gun violence. That’s why I’m urging the DOJ to award this desperately needed federal funding, which will allow the city to install a high-tech audio sensor system that alerts officers in real-time once gunshots have been fired. This kind of system will enable first responders to more quickly respond as well as accurately locate crime scenes and victims,” said Senator Schumer. “We need to utilize every tool in our toolbox and, with this funding, Utica can continue to its mission of decreasing shots fired calls and crime in the city.”

The equipment costs $430,000.

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