The USDA will soon launch a pilot program allowing Greek yogurt to be served as part of school lunches.

Senator Chuck Schumer says by adding the high protein yogurt to school lunch menus nationwide, students will have the opportunity to select a high-protein meat alternative. He says the state will also benefit in several ways.

"The USDA's pilot program will serve as an important first step in boosting nutrition for New York students, all while bolstering business for our dairy farmers and Greek yogurt producers alike," Schumer said.

Greek yogurt could be delivered to schools as early as April, and would be included as an additional protein option and alternative to meat. The process begins with the agency submitting Request for Information forms to yogurt companies, asking for nutritional facts and pricing.

Eventually, suppliers would be able to bid for contracts with interested states.

New York is currently home to several yogurt companies including Chobani, Fage and Alpina.