Every hometown, city, and town has something it's proud of. That's no different when it comes to the state as a whole. When it comes to official state and signature drinks, is this really New York's choice?

New York State's Official Drink Is...

Milk. Yes, milk is the state's official drink. According to the New York State Library, milk was designated the official state beverage of New York in 1981.

New York is a leader in dairy production (it ranks third in the United States for the amount of milk produced). Agriculture is the backbone of Upstate New York economy, with dairy farming being the largest component."

When it's explained like that, it totally makes sense that milk is New York's official drink.

What Is New York State's Official Cocktail?

When you think of cocktails, this one might just slip your mind. A lot of people in New York drink one. New York State's official cocktail is a Vodka Fizz. As of 2020-2021, New York tended to drink a Vodka Fizz a little more than any other cocktail.

What Is New York States Most Popular Soda?

The most popular soda in New York state is Faygo. Yes, your eyes didn't lie, Faygo was the most popular. Where can you even buy this in Upstate New York? How does Faygo beat out all sorts of regional made drinks, or even Coke or Pepsi in New York? There's just no way. Maybe people Googled it because they never even heard of it. There is just no way this is the top soda choice in New York State.

13 New York Restaurants Make List Of Food Networks Best Pasta In The Country

Food Network recently published a list of the "98 Best Pastas In The United States" and honored New York State with 13 shout outs. Even within that shoutouts, Syracuse and Upstate New York had 2 slots.

They broke the list down to specific dishes you can enjoy at these restaurants. Here's those restaurants on the list:

New York State's Top 20 Attractions

Are you truly a proud New York resident if you haven't visited these Top 20 attractions?

Attractions of America put together a list of some of the top attractions New York has to offer. Let’s explore some of the top attractions in New York State that you’ll have to add to your bucket list during your next visit. Keep track of how many you have already seen or been too. Which ones surprise you on this list? Text us on our app to let us know.

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