This week’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was practically a super-villain team-up, but not in the way you might expect from a Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show. When Emil Blonsky’s monitoring braclet malfunctions, Jen Walters winds up stuck at his upstate retreat for a whole day, where she winds up sitting in on a group therapy session with a bunch of B-level (okay C-level [okay Z-level]) Marvel baddies including Porcupine, Saracen, and Wrecker. As goofy as they seem, they are all real Marvel baddies from the comics.

That’s just one of the many Easter eggs, hidden Marvel references, and little details you might have missed in Episode 7 (“The Retreat”) of She-Hulk. We also look at where that Muppets scene came from, we run down all the members of Blonsky’s retreat support group, and why the towing truck that helps Jen with her car comes from Slott Towing. (One of the best She-Hulk comics was written by Dan Slott.) Watch them all below:

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