Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol can now add another role to his resume. Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced his appointment of Maciol to the New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Council.

The Council meets quarterly and adopts standards, sets policy and has exclusive authority to grant accreditation to law enforcement agencies. According to the Oneida County Sheriff's Office,

The New York State program became operational in 1989 and encompasses four principle goals:
1. To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement agencies utilizing existing personnel, equipment and facilities to the extent possible;
2. To promote increased cooperation and coordination among law enforcement agencies and other agencies of the criminal justice services;
3. To ensure the appropriate training of law enforcement personnel; and
4. To promote public confidence in law enforcement agencies.

Sheriff Maciol will remain on The Council until March 20th, 2018 when his term will end.

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