UPDATE (11:21 AM): According to Sheriff Maciol two vehicles were involved in shots fired that started on North Genesee Street in the City of Utica.  The Vehicles then continued onto River Road in a Westerly direction in the Town of Marcy.  The vehicles then pulled into a parking lot near Utica Mack Truck where one of the vehicles collided into the rear end of the other. More gunshots were fired and the vehicles continued out of the parking lot and back onto River Road. The vehicles traveled in an easterly direction back towards the City of Utica.  Once back in the City of Utica, one of the vehicles was stopped by the Utica Police Department who impounded the vehicle.  Two people were being questioned regarding the incident.  The investigation is ongoing and is being investigated by the Utica Police Department and the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Units.

UPDATE (5:04 AM): Chief Deputy Jim Owens of The Sheriff's Department says The Sheriff's Office, and Utica Police are investigating an incident that began late last night, or early Friday morning. He says, "It was a car chase involving two vehicles. There were shots fired in the vicinity of Utica Mack on Route 49 in Marcy." He also said the victim's vehicle has been located, and they're looking into it. There were no injuries, and the investigation is ongoing.

The Oneida County Sheriff's Department is currently on the scene of an apparent shots fired incident outside of Townsquare Media on River Road in Marcy.

A source says deputies received a complaint of multiple vehicles "playing bumper cars" in the grassy area between the Townsquare office building, and G&K Uniform Services. At some point it is reported that multiple shots were fired.

The incident is currently still under investigation, and we will continue to update you as more information becomes available.