They're still vying for an NBA title, but the Boston Celtics have already come up winners.

The Celtics won the NBA lottery, securing the top pick in next month's draft. The pundits say University of Washington guard Markelle Fultz is the likely top pick, although UCLA's Lonzo Ball -- also a guard -- is an intriguing option.

But here's the thing. The Celtics, who got the pick thanks to a 2013 trade with the Nets, are on the cusp of glory. They could certainly keep the pick and take either Fultz or Ball, although whether they can contribute right away or need some time to develop remains to be seen. If the Celtics keep the pick, they could be getting a franchise player for years to come, one who may lead to further postseason success.

On the other hand, if Boston -- who won 53 games and is the top seed in the playoffs this season -- trades the pick, it can get its hands on an established star, a player who could push them past Cleveland to be the premiere power in the Eastern Conference. How the C's playoff runs ends this season may very well dictate what happens.

So, it's a conundrum -- hold the pick for the future or trade it to win now. It's a pretty good pickle that most teams would kill to know (especially the Nets, who traded the pick).

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