I received my second Pfizer COVID-19 shot on Thursday at 4:30 p.m., and so far I've only suffered from moderate side effects.

22 days ago, I received my first shot and despite have a brief sore arm at the site of the injection, I suffered from no side effects. Now, I've received my second shot and people have warned the symptoms will be harsh. So far, it's been pretty good for me.

On Friday morning, I expected severe symptoms. Other than being a bit more tired than usual, I was easily able to get up and head into work. I really had no symptoms.

On Friday afternoon, I was claiming victory over the vaccination with absolutely no symptoms. That was the same report from the other two family members I had the shot with up at the NYS run site at SUNYPOLY. so far, no-one has had symptoms.

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Update, Friday 5 p.m.

Everything changed at the 24-hour mark.

On Friday at about 4 p.m., almost exactly 24-hours after I received shot #2, I began getting some symptoms. I felt strong head congestion, headache and incredibly tired. I was tired enough to take a nap for an hour and was able to get up and feel somewhat refreshed. I took 2 Tylenol and my temperature was normal before and after the nap. Once thing I can say with confidence, these symptoms are nothing compared to the what I endured while having COVID-19 back in December.

I expect to wake up tomorrow symptom-free. I'm happy to report that for me, the vaccine is essential and safe. Schedule your appointment and get vaccinated. Even if you experience symptoms, it will be far better than getting the disease. I'll have an update on my experience coming up later on Saturday. I expect it to continue to be positive.

Update, Saturday 7:00 a.m.

No symptoms to report. I feel fine.

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