The owner of Slice Pizzeria in Utica apologized this week admitting he 'went too far' when a customer complained about the establishment's service on Facebook. However, Tucker Rosemyer also seemed to try and justify his knee-jerk insults saying he was trying to protect his employees.

Appearing on WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning, Rosemyer admitted he lost his cool last week and began hurling slams via social media, which included telling the complaining 'hoes' to 'get back on the corner' or to wait in line for their EBT cards.

According to Rosemyer, the customer was upset when told it would be a $20 minimum for a delivery.

'It was just in the heat of the moment, I said some things, she fired back...names were called...'

'I'm by myself on that page..and before you know it I'm fighting with about 5-10 girls,' Rosemyer said, adding 'There were some comments [made on Facebook] that I was weight shaming, or body shaming, which is a new term to me. I can get it now, but at that point I [wasn't] thinking of it.' He also said he'd also received death threats following the incident with some saying they hoped his business would burn.

'I guess as a business owner I do have to watch what I say. I will be more careful to not break the wrong person's chops. So I apologize publicly to anyone that I offended, I really do. It was not my attention...and not for the money, I don't want people to think that I'm an a#^&*ole,'' Rosemyer said.

In the end, Rosemyer found out the woman who complained was a cousin of one of his employees.

'I've apologized to her and I've apologized to her mother. Honestly I would have sent the girl free food if I knew who she was.'

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