The population of this tiny village in New York is growing so rapidly, it's officially designated one of America's top 10 "boomtowns."

No, It's Not New York City

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Surprisingly, the Big Apple is not New York's biggest boomtown. Despite all the push from economy gurus and business moguls saying the best work experience can be found in New York City, it turns out more people are choosing to put down their roots elsewhere.

This news can be surprising to some, who say a move to NYC is a rite of passage because of all the lessons one can learn. Not only that, the city is home to a plethora of big employers, healthcare options, activities, schools and other opportunities.

Data from Macrotrends says New York City saw a .37 percent increase to its population in 2023 and is currently home to roughly 19,000,000 people.

However, the city's growth rate pales in comparison to a locality that is about 60 miles north.

70-Percent Population Growth

A new study from GoBankingRates looked into the fastest growing cities in the nation. It found cities like Georgetown in Kentucky or Meridian in Idaho as the biggest boomtowns of their state, with respective population growth of 22.14 and 47.61 percent over the course of eight years.

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When it came to New York's fastest-growing city, it was found to be within the top 10 biggest boomtowns in America.

Located in Orange County, New York, the population of Kiryas Joel exploded by 56.74% over the past 8 years. The rates of occupied housing units as well as changes in owner- occupied houses also rose tremendously since 2015.

These are the numbers from GoBankingRates:

  • Change in population:

    • 1 year: 25.43%
    • 5 years: 50.00%
    • 8 years: 56.74%
  • Change in occupied housing units:

    • 1 year: 26.04%
    • 5 years: 50.81%
    • 8 years: 56.20%
  • Change in owner-occupied housing units:

    • 1 year: 42.94%

    • 5 years: 94.01%

    • 8 years: 66.52%

The numbers were found by comparing growth in the area's businesses and population. There were only 8 other cities with stronger numbers than Kiryas Joel.

Based on their growth rates since 2015, these are America's Biggest Boomtowns.

  1. Woodbridge, VA. Population rose by 840.66% in 8 years

  2. Horizon West, FL. Population rose by 255.02% in 8 years

  3. Herriman, UT: Population rose by 125.70% in 8 years

  4. Bluffton, SC: Population rose by112.74% in 8 years

  5. Enterprise, NV: : Population rose by 84.90% in 8 years

  6. Buckeye, AZ: : Population rose by 70.48% in 8 years

  7. Windsor, CO: : Population rose by 65.98% in 8 years

  8. Spring Hill, TN: : Population rose by 60.55% in 8 years

  9. Kiryas Joel, NY: : Population rose by 56.74% in 8 years

  10. Meridian, ID: Population rose by 47/61% in 8 years

You can read more about GoBankingRate's findings HERE.

Interestingly, another data analyst looked into the fastest growing cities in New York State and compared their respective population growths since the 2010 census.

According to RoadSnacks, Kiryas Joel has seen its population jump from 19,089 residents in 2010 to nearly 32,500 in 2023. That's a net growth of 13,409 individuals.

On the other hand, Census Data says the village had 38,998 residents as of July 2022.

Why Is Kiryas Joel NY's Biggest Boomtown?

Data from the Census Bureau found Kiryas Joel has the youngest median age population out of any municipality in the United States, which is 13.2 years old. Roughly 58 percent of its population is under the age of 18.

The vast majority of the population are Yiddish-speaking Hasidic Jews who hail from the Satmar sect of Hasidism.

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The municipality was founded in 1977 and was home to roughly 500 individuals at the time. In 2000, the population grew to 13,138 people.

Families there tend to be larger than elsewhere in the state, which could be contributing to its population growth. It also should be noted Kiryas Joel is located on a 1.1 square-mile plot, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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The village is predominantly caucasian, with 97.5 percent of its population saying they are white and the median household income, as of 2022, is $40,218. About 44 percent of the population is said to be impoverished.

More information about Kiryas Joel, courtesy of the Census Bureau, can be found HERE.

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